Our physicians go above and beyond to make sure we get to the bottom of each patient’s history to make the best possible diagnosis and create the most personalized treatment possible. This is why, each new patient appointment is between 1-3 hours and follow ups are 30-60 minutes. Also, after the initial visit and your once yearly in-person follow-ups, you can always do your appointments via telemedicine. Please see our list of appointment options below.

Appointment Options
  1. New Patient Appointment
  2. 60 or 30 Minute Follow Up
  3. Acute Visit
  4. 60 or 30 Minute Telemedicine Visit
  5. Consultation (Meet and Greet with the Physician)
  6. IV Consultation for a fee (Required for an IV, if not already an established patient)

Therapies and Procedures

  1. IV Therapies
  2. Acupuncture and Cupping
  3. Footbath
  4. Hydrotherapy
  5. EVOX
  6. Soft shell hyperbaric chamber therapy and home rental
  7. Nebulizer treatment and oxygen therapy

IV Therapies

Myer’s and Enhanced Myer’s Cocktail

  • A mixture of essential vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system. Can be customized for each patient’s individual needs

Major Ozone

  • In this procedure 200cc of blood is withdrawn and mixed with ozone before it is reinfused. It has a moderate oxidative effect on the body which causes a boost in immune system functioning.


  • Essential for our hot Arizona summers- this IV includes fluid plus trace minerals.


  • All of the benefits of a Myers plus extra vitamin C and lysine (an antiviral amino acid).

High dose Vitamin C

  • Can be given in a variety of doses for chronic conditions and is widely used in cancer treatment. Requires a G6PD test prior to administration


  • A derivative of vitamin B3 that has strong healing and anti-aging effects through significant mitochondrial restoration.

Alpha lipoid Acid

  • A powerful antioxidant beneficial in reducing oxidative stress, reducing blood sugar and blood pressure, improving eye health, protecting against diabetic neuropathy, etc.


  • Combination of glutathione and Traumeel to reduce both chronic and acute inflammation.


  • The signaling molecules of stem cells, put into an IV to create a healing response in the body.

Cardiac (PlaqueX) and Heavy Metal Chelation (EDTA)

  • Requires an intake with a physician and specific testing. Heavy metal chelation uses a chelating agent to help pull heavy metals from the body. Cardiac chelation is used to pull plaque from the arteries.

Amino Acid

  • All of the benefits of a Myers IV plus an amino acid and trace mineral blend to give your body all of the nutrients it might be missing.

Personalized addiction packages

  • Using NAD therapy, we create a specific protocol to ease the withdrawal symptoms and promote a higher rate of success in recovering from addiction. This can be beneficial for opioids, alcohol, smoking, etc.

***If you are not already a patient of Nizhoni Functional Medicine, you will require a short IV consult before any IV therapies can be administered.***

***All IV’s can be done concierge for a fee, please call the office to arrange concierge services***


  1. Venipuncture and lab processing
  2. Lateral flow testing
  3. Rapid antibody testing for COVID-19 + Test distribution
  4. COVID-19 Antigen Testing through Vibrant America (results in 36-48 hours)
  5. General “blood work”
    • We can draw in-house and send to your choice of LabCorp, SonoraQuest or Access
    • Cash pay lab work options available
  6. Specialized testing using a variety of specialized labs including but not limited to:
    • DNA Connexions
    • Great Plains Labs
    • Vibrant Wellness
    • MARCoNS
    • Doctor’s Data
    • and More!