Women’s Hormonal Health

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Women’s Hormonal Health
Women’s Hormonal Health services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

Women’s hormonal health encompasses many specialties and areas of focus.

Aspects we focus on include:

o   Period-related concerns

o  PCOS, PMS, PMDD, heavy menses, endometriosis

o   Fertility support

o   perimenopause/menopause support.

o   Breast and vaginal wellness exams

o   STI screening


Our approach includes a comprehensive medical workup, understanding your past and current medical health history, and curating an individualized treatment plan. It is our goal to help our patients understand that they have treatment options when it comes to conditions related to reproductive health. This can be a sensitive area of health, so our providers will take the time to educate patients on the physiological processes occurring in the body and thoroughly explain all recommended treatment options.


Treatment modalities we commonly use for reproductive health concerns include:

o   Botanical medicine

o   Nutrition and lifestyle counseling

o   Mind-body techniques

o   Acupuncture

o   Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

o   Pharmacology

o   Supplementation