Autoimmune Disease

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Autoimmune Disease
Autoimmune Disease services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

Simply put, AI disease happens when the body’s natural defense system can no longer differentiate between foreign cells and your own. Therefore, your body starts attacking its own cells. There are many different types of AI conditions that can affect most parts of your body.


Common AI diseases:

o   Rheumatoid Arthritis

o   Psoriasis/ Psoriatic arthritis

o   Lupus

o   Celiac’s disease

o   Autoimmune Thyroiditis

o   Type 1 Diabetes

o   Multiple Sclerosis


Common AI disease symptoms:

Since Autoimmunity can be greatly encompassing, symptoms can be overlapping and sometimes vague. However, some symptoms that may indicate autoimmunity include:

o  Chronic Fatigue

o  Joint pain and swelling

o  Skin changes

o  Recurring fevers

o  Swollen lymph nodes and glands

o  Vision changes

o  Insomnia


Causes of AI disease?

It is still unclear why Autoimmunity develops in the body, however, there are a few identified risk factors that may increase someone's chances of developing an AI disease.


Some Risk factors:

o   Recurrent infections

o   Toxin Exposure

o   Female

o   Genetic

o   Smoking

o   Certain medications

o   Increased Stress


Diagnosis and Treatment:

For many AI conditions it is important to have a team of care. Our approach includes a full medical workup and individualized treatments to help with symptom management by reducing inflammation and removing/decreasing any identified symptom exacerbators with modalities such as:

o  Pharmacotherapy

o  Pain management

o  Supplementation

o  Botanical Medicine

o  Homeopathy

o  Acupuncture