Across the nation, COVID-19 numbers are continuing to climb. Nizhoni Functional Medicine has made an effort to stay up to date on all of the research and testing to be able to provide the top of the line medical care for our patients. Our mission is to spread knowledge instead of fear. Fear is known to weaken the immune system and is not beneficial at preventing disease (PMID: 15250815). Therefore, we have strived to help our patients feel informed, prepared, empowered and supported through this pandemic.

(1) Prevention- prevention goes so much further than just washing your hands and wearing a mask.  Whole body health starts largely with the nourishment we provide our bodies, the water we drink the exercise we get, the sunlight and fresh air we are exposed to, and our emotional well-being. We help patients address underlying disease or metabolic dysfunction while also providing them with lifestyle recommendations to optimize their immune system.

(2) Immune support- we have done a lot of research to determine the best therapies to increase the strength of the immune system while also fighting the virus at hand. Through nutrients, herbs, amino acids, pharmaceuticals, IV therapy, nebulizer therapy and major ozone therapy we have had great results!

(3) Concierge care- for those who do not feel comfortable leaving their home or for those who feel to ill to leave their home, we provide state of the art concierge care where we come to you.

If you have any questions about the best way to optimize your immune system for this winter season please keep us in mind and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Keep in mind – we are NOT claiming to have a cure for COVID-19 and are not an emergency care facility.

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