COVID 19 Appointment Information

We only offer in person treatment for COVID 19. We DO NOT offer telemedicine for COVID 19. In order to provide adequate and proper care you will have a full physical examination by a provider along with blood work which will be drawn at the center. The results of your bloodwork and physical examination will determine the medications and treatment you will be prescribed by your provider. We do not prescribe medications or radiology orders without a full physical examination.

We DO NOT accept insurance and do not contract with ANY private or government insurance companies. Payment is due at the time of service. We accept ALL major credit cards, HSA, cash, and check. Unfortunately due to the rise in medical supply costs, we are no longer able to offer payment plans at this time. Costs for services can be found under the Urgent Care section of our website.

The required bloodwork that is ordered consists of inflammatory markers, complete metabolic panel, Sars CoV2 antibodies, and complete blood count. The bloodwork can be sent to LabCorp, Sonora Quest, or Access Medical Laboratories. You can use your private medical insurance or chose a reduced cost cash pay option for payment.

Radiology orders for X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, and/or CT will be sent to SimonMed Imaging and scheduled directly through them. Please note SimonMed’s company policy regarding COVID 19. If you would like to use a different radiology facility, please let your provider know.

STAT bloodwork and Radiology orders are available if indicated and ordered by prescriber. Results are typically given 3-5 hours after STAT pick up.

Treatment will be ordered by your provider which is determined by the severity of your symptoms, physical presentation, physical findings, and bloodwork results.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms from COVID 19 and our medical providers are not able to stabilize you, we will call for emergency transport to the nearest hospital. We WILL NOT discharge you from the center if your vital signs are NOT stable. We are NOT an emergency medical facility and have limited equipment to respond to a life threatening emergency.

On Site Medical Supplies and Medication:

  • 5-10L Oxygen Concentrator with nasal cannula and/or non-rebreather
  • Oxygen Tanks for Transport
  • Nebulizer Unit and Medications for Breathing Treatments
  • AED Machine
  • EKG Machine
  • IV Fluids
  • Oral and IM Steroids
  • Oral and IM Antibiotics
  • EPI PEN and Benadryl IM
  • Oral Medications for Hypertension
  • Blood Draw and Processing
  • Wheelchair

Examples of Unstable Vital Signs or Presentation That Warrants Emergency Transport:

  • Unable to maintain an oxygen saturation of 90% or greater on less than 5L of continuous oxygen (cannula or non-rebreather)
  • Hypotension that is not responsive to fluids or medications
  • Hypertension that is not responsive to medications
  • Wheezing or Gasping that has not been resolved with medications
  • Low platelet count or Hemoglobin level that requires a blood transfusion
  • Low GFR, Acute or Chronic Kidney Failure
  • Fever over 103 F that is not responsive to medications
  • Brown or Dark Orange “foamy” Urine
  • Abnormal EKG, Abnormal Heart Sounds, Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Chest Pain with or without numbness
  • Extreme Lethargy or Unresponsive
  • Not Breathing and/or No Pulse
  • Isolated Leg Pain or high risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

For the safety of you or your loved one, please DO NOT come to our center if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency as we DO NOT have the proper equipment to treat you. Please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest hospital.