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Integrative Oncology Cancer Center Now Open!

Under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Havens and Dr. Sydney Sharaf, Nizhoni is proud to offer collaborative oncology services for those suffering from current and previous cancer diagnoses. Dr. Havens and Dr. Sharaf work closely with local oncologist and world renowned medical centers to help mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy, increase the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation, provide early detection cancer screening and testing using the most advanced technology, nutrition counseling for immune optimization, and lifestyle recommendations and supportive guidelines.

A diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating, frightening and overwhelming experience. No two cancers are the same. No two patients are the same. Treatment should reflect that. We care for you or your child as a whole person-not just your disease and its manifestations. As integrative oncology providers, we partner with your medical oncology team to provide you with the most comprehensive, evidence-based approach to your cancer, both naturopathically and conventionally.

Dr. Jennifer Havens is one of few Naturopathic Physicians that works alongside of pediatric oncologist in a hospital setting to offer support during conventional pediatric cancer treatment. She is pioneering naturopathic pediatric oncology and aspires to build a residency program for naturopathic physicians in the future.

Dr. Havens and Dr. Sharaf founded Precision Integrative Oncology together in 2019 and have successfully been supporting and counseling persons suffering from cancer in Arizona as well as Wisconsin.