About Nizhoni Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture & Functional Medicine located in Scottsdale, AZ

Nizhoni Functional Medicine is a wellness practice prioritizing integrative medicine to improve the lives of patients in Scottsdale, Arizona. The skilled team strives to give every patient the individualized naturopathic care they need to feel their best. The practice has a strong commitment to community service, supporting free clinics and local government programs, with a focus on medical missions for indigenous communities.

Patients at Nizhoni Functional Medicine often visit for acute and chronic illnesses. The team provides advanced lab testing to detect hormone imbalances, allergies, infections, and an array of other useful information that helps improve their care. Many lab tests offer immediate results, while others require in-depth evaluation at a separate lab. 

The team at Nizhoni Functional Medicine specializes in many physical treatments, including physical therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, ozone therapy, IV therapy, massage, infrared sauna, and polychromatic light therapy. They often supplement these treatments with conventional forms of medicine to take a more integrative approach. 

The Nizhoni Functional Medicine team has substantial experience managing and treating many illnesses and injuries in patients of all ages. They follow a unique protocol for treating Lyme disease and the infections that often co-occur with it. They also treat acute COVID-19 and long COVID-19 symptoms. 

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