True healing begins with removing the obstacles to health and empowering the person with the guidance and treatment to enable the body and/or mind to heal naturally. At Nizhoni Functional Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ we focus on evaluating and treating the whole person with specialized labs and restorative therapies.

Nizhoni Functional Medicine was co-founded by Dr. Ken Mitchell, NMD, RPh, to help patients find the final solution to their health challenges in the areas of immune, neurological, and endocrine problems such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thinking and memory, symptoms of heavy metal exposure, cardiovascular plaque, autism, thyroid, and the decline or imbalance of sex hormones. Dr. Mitchell’s experience has both naturopathic and conventional training, which gives him a unique perspective in diagnosing and treating medical issues that have challenged other physicians. In addition to his Arizona State Board licenses in Naturopathic Medicine and Pharmacy, Dr. Mitchell has post-graduate training and experience in myriad immune, endocrine / hormone, Lyme disease and co-infections, PANDAS and neurological disorders. Dr. Mitchell also serves as a field observation physician for training SCNM medical school students.


We understand how hard it can be for persons suffering from chronic infectious disease. We understand that some of you may have be failed by the “system” of modern medicine. This is why we have created an inclusive medical model to treat your symptoms and properly diagnose your condition. Dr. Mitchell and our staff offer through and exceptional care for our patients and their family members. Disease does not just affect the patient, it affects the entire family.

The Usual Suspects:

Dr. Kenneth Mitchell, NMD, RPh

Medical Director

Dr. Mitchell is a pharmacist and naturopathic medical doctor. Dr. Mitchell focuses on chronic infectious disease, environmental medicine, and autism recovery. Dr. Mitchell is an expert in Lyme disease and co-infections. He is featured in documentaries and helps mentor naturopathic medical doctor students. Dr. Mitchell has written multiple successful protocols for infectious disease and works closely with medical scientists. Dr. Mitchell is a co-founder of Nizhoni Functional Medicine.

Kodi Bethay-Roth, BS

Founder and CEO

Kodi has a passion for philanthropy and functional medicine. Kodi discovered her passion after a medical mission to Gressier, Haiti helping orphaned children. After attending SCNM to study naturopathic medicine, she was called to her vocation of business in functional medicine. Kodi focuses on empowering physicians and staff members to help achieve their ultimate purpose. Kodi founded Nizhoni Functional Medicine for her staff. She is currently working on her MPH at Grand Canyon University. 

Kasandra Bujold, RN, FNP-S

Lab Director

Kasandra has over 15+ years of experience being an RN. She has worked in the ED as well as holistic centers. She is very skilled in caring for chronically ill patients. She is currently working on her NP degree at Grand Canyon University. Kasandra oversees the lab as well our concierge division.  

Tanya James

Administrative Director


Leader of Tribal Nation Outreach

Tanya has lead and directed medical missions for our native tribes here in Arizona. Tanya has a passion for helping those in need and our native populations. Growing up on the Navajo Nation, she understands the importance of spirituality and heritage in the healing process. Tanya oversees the daily operations of Nizhoni Functional Medicine. She is currently achieving her herbalist certification and plans on teaching the younger generation of the Navajo people the importance of herbal remedies. Our center was named in honor of Tanya and her beautiful daughter. She is an inspiration to all of us and her community.

Arlen Bethay

Assistant to Dr. Mitchell

Human Resources Director

Arlen has 30+ years of experience in Human Resources and customer satisfaction. He found his love for holistic medicine and has been trained by Dr. Mitchell to serve him as his executive assistant. Arlen exhibits excellent customer service and also serves and our Human Resources director. 

Dr. Sydney Sharaf, NMD


Dr. Sharaf has a passion for guiding patients on their journey towards health and well-being, with an emphasis on prevention. She believes in providing individualized care using various natural therapies including nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture and IV nutrient therapy. With a focus in oncology and autoimmunity she is determined to implement an integrative treatment approach in order to improve patient outcomes.

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“Together, we built a center that is solely rooted in helping those in need. Only together…can you truly heal those around you” -Kodi Bethay-Roth