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Nizhoni Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine located in Scottsdale, AZ

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About Nizhoni Functional Medicine

Nizhoni Functional Medicine is a wellness practice prioritizing integrative medicine to improve the lives of patients in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our skilled team strives to give every patient the individualized naturopathic care they need to feel their best.


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Our Mission

Nizhoni’s mission is to foster root cause healing, optimal wellness, and the freedom to live a longer life by providing a superior patient are experience. Our center utilizes an impartial approach to integrating traditional modalities, naturopathic medicine, new research, and cutting-edge therapies to help you feel your best. We provide the highest quality of care with evidence-based treatment plans and are committed to improving the lives of our patients.

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Come see us for health optimization!
Our providers specialize in:

–Environmental Medicine 
-Gastrointestinal disorders including IBS, IBD, SIBO
-Weight loss
–Hormonal disorders
–Heavy metal chelation therapy
–Cardiac chelation therapy
–Age-related disease, symptoms and optimization
-Health optimization, general wellness, and anti-aging
-Peptide therapy
-Healthy living later in life
-Enhanced aging

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We provide care in-person, via telemedicine, or we can come to you!

Patients Reviews

Excellent doctor!

Kristi E. | May 04, 2023
I have had 3 appointments and so far i am loving it. I love that they do not push any type of specific care on you just to spend money. They really care about you and I have felt very comfortable there. Excited to get my health in check.

Lynnette F. | Apr 29, 2023
Dr. Toedorski took the time to not only talk about my concerns but the options I had. She mad sure I was comfortable and understood.

Myriah S. | Apr 28, 2023
Still waiting for a response

Robert Bell B. | Apr 14, 2023

Our Blog

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